MegaChurch Compensation Report

This is the 13th annual report of the Megachurch Compensation Survey. It includes data for 90 positions from 109 churches representing 16,172 employees. Data is grouped by denomination, operating budget, geographic region and church attendance. This is a PDF report with 127 pages available to survey participants at the discounted price of $495. 

Customized Salary Structure

A salary structure is a tool developed to provide base salary ranges that are fair, competitive and cost-effective. This is a customized salary structure based on data from the most recent Megachurch Compensation Report and adjusted to reflect your size and geographic metropolitan area. All survey positions are slotted into the structure. This is an Excel file that includes a complimentary costing analysis for participants which calculates the comp-ratio, below minimum and above maximum costs compared to the recommended salary range for each position. Participants receive the salary structure at the discounted price of $1,295 or combined with the Megachurch Compensation Report at the combined discounted price of $1,395.

Select Group of Peer Churches

This is a special cut of data from the Megachurch Compensation Report. You select the churches from the 2018 and 2019 Megachurch Compensation Report that you want to include. We recommend including at least 8-10 churches, as there must be a minimum of 5 churches matched to each of the positions for us to report the data. The more churches included in the Peer Group, the more robust the data. We can include your church in the results to ensure a higher number of positions with sufficient data. The report will include the list of 90 positions, number of churches and employees matched to each and the average base salary of the selected churches.

Regression Analysis

This is a special report of data from the Megachurch Compensation Report which uses a statistical process for estimating church leadership salaries based on church size. The strongest correlation between size and pay is using budget. This data will estimate the salary for all leadership positions in the Megachurch Compensation Report at a specific budget size (i.e, $82M). Staff positions are not included in this report.